École FL    フランス語教室
Cours de français à Tokyo depuis 1996

École FL エコール エフエル
Tel: 03-5272-3440
E.mail: info@ecole-fl.com

École FL
1-31-8-428 Takadanobaba Shinjuku-ku 169-0075 TOKYO

Learn/practise french in Tokyo
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L’École FL is a human scale school specialised in the teaching of french language, established in 1996 in Shinjuku by Éric Priou, a french national.

As École FL, we do our best to follow our principles, French with Liberty. (It could also be read as: Égalité, Fraternité, Liberté.)

The teaching methods are different according to our three publics:

French native speakers

Japanese or asian countries nationals

English educated persons


Entrance fee (once for all): 10000 yens

Private lesson: 25000 yens/month (4 hours), (student: 21000 yens)
Semi-private lessons (from1 to 4 persons): 14000 yens/month (4 hours)

Broadcasting news

Classes for children

Your class

Whatever your individual needs or level, please feel free to ask for information or a free trial lesson.

Tel: 03 5272-3440

E-mail: info@ecole-fl.com

Access: 3 min from the Takadanobaba station (JR, Tozai, Seibu Shinjuku lines)

L’École FL produces Franc-Parler, the web-magazine for french speaking countries cultures in Japan.

Adresse et horaires

École FL エコール エフエル

École FL
1-31-8-428 Takadanobaba Shinjuku-ku 169-0075 TOKYO

Tel: 03-5272-3440
Fax: 03-5272-3467

月曜日〜金曜日 9時〜22時 土曜日 9時〜20時

Du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 22h
Le samedi de 9h à 20h



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